fascination soccer

i could witness once again what a fascinating sport soccer is. the crowd was impressive at the morning session of the brazilian national team in weggis/switzerland. there was little soccer skills to be witnessed but the presence of the brazilian superstars was enough to make the crowd cheer and get excited. the atmosphere in and around the stadium was outstanding. even if you do not have a ticket for a practise session, do not hesitate to visit weggis in the next few days and celebrate this unique event and get a glimpse of some of the best soccer players in the world. happy soccer!

internet at 40000 feet

i am presently flying over the black sea towards to middle east. it is the first time that i am able to use the internet on board of an airplane. it is amazing! this will shorten the travel time particulary since we got no personal screen where we can choose the movies 🙁

insurance companies

for some personal reasons i deal with my insurance company recently. it made me focus on their ads more. there is one which stuck my attention. it is creative, very well mixed together with matching music. it is a piece of art. if you missed them, check them out here:
us version
eu version
i am not affiliated with this company nor do i have any business with them.

100 % cacao de venezuela

from time to time i check out the chocolate shelves in the supermarket. i am particularly interested in chocolate containing more than 70 % of cacao. so today, i noticed this special bar: 100 % cacao de venezuela. i grabbed one and in the evening, after completing the house chors, i with delight took a bite. ooch! – i can’t remember when it was the last time i sensed something this particular to say the least and i don’t mean it in a positive way!

soccer practice

we have been talking about it already a long time and were curious about the state of our soccer skills. finally tonight we put up our first practice session despite unfavourable weather condition.
after wrapping up the week at the office we headed for our web (weekend beer). then it was time to change our boots!
It was fun playing with the co-workers. of course, our breath was getting shorter and shorter but since it was our first session things will only improve. I am looking forward for the next practice.

commuting to work by bicycle

since my car got stolen in prague two weeks ago, i am relying on public transportation for going to work. i decided to give it a try to come to the office by bicycle this morning. it worked very well. it lasts the same time from door to door as with public transportation. i am already thinking about skipping the weekly running session due to this extra exercise 😉

welcome to mysachs.com

the primary goal of this drupal site is to experiment with it. i want it to let “flow” with ideas and user inputs. just be prepared that appearence, content etc. might change rather quickly and unexpectedly due to experimenting 😉