winter time – tea time

i start my day usually with a pot of tea – be it green, white or black tea. i hardly can be without it. the great selection of fine teas available at london tea shop

never let me down. actually, i am like a kid when it comes to ordering tea. i cannot wait the delivery to arrive so that i can taste the latest harvest. happy tea drinking!


this was a rather sportive weekend. it started with a game of ice hockey with my work mates. it was great. of course we produced some nice body checks. thanks to the protection nobody was hurt fortunately. and we won!
then is was time for a relocation to flims/laax. the muscles were still sore but the next adventure was ahead. we toured the nearby mountain with snow boots. the finish line was the open air bar at crap sogn gion. with great drinks, people and sound in the background you can easily forget the time there. just a great place to hang out on sunny winter day.
before returning home we trekked to the neary rhine canyon. really impressing. with a lot of thirst we finally entered the legna bar

to close the stay with a few pitchers of beer. cheers.


i spent a two week vacation in india recently. after arriving in mumbai i traveled south in maharastra state to visit a friend in a predominantly muslim region. i got a lot of insights from him and visited places mostly omited by western tourists in their india itinerary. the landscape is outstanding there. there are also a few empty beaches but it lacks an infrastructure to attract foreigners so far. it looks like this is gonna be changed soon. i imagine the mostly rural area to be developed quickly. the short distance to mumbai and the wealth there aids this development.
i then continued the journey passing mahabaleshwar to goa. after the rainy season all goa was gearing up to the high tourist season. there was construction everywhere. of course, goa is very different from the rest of india due to its history and the constant tourists arrival. communication can be difficult in many parts of india but in goa it is no problem. i believe every single rikshaw driver speaks a decent english (or was i just lucky …).
then i was back to mumbai where i found this sign outsight the biggest shopping mall. then you start to realize in what kind of a world we live in: