why i don’t go for the iphone 3g

ok, i admit that the latest iphone is really very nice. it got a great user experience particularly as a mobile internet device. the competition will get tougher for apple once the first android based mobiles are available. i am pretty sure my next mobile will be with the android os.

waterpolo aegeri

the traditional waterpolo tournament was held once more in aegeri switzerland. the team that i support, sychronschwimmer, made it to the quarterfinals for the first time. congratulations! below are a few impressions from this dynamic sport:

tour de berne

i went on a day trip with a friend from brunig via interlaken and thun to berne. the weather was not too promising at the start but getting better by each hour. below are a few impressions:


old town of berne



this region is well worth a visit.