isla san andr

i went on a night cargo boat trip to the island of providencia. actually, there are only two cargo boats per week that take passengers and both leave at night. i would have preferred to go during the day. anyway, in the end it didn’t matter. the journey turned out to be a awful vomiting affair. i don’t remember how many times i crawled to the reeling to throw up to the fishes. i think any rollercoaster ride looks shy to this 7 hour journey … the waves just wouldn’t stop and i was really relieved when at around 3:30 am we finally got there.

bahia manzanillo

sunset as seen from the hotel room

rocky beach at the hotel

johnny cay and city beach san andr

isla san andr

airplane taking off over my head …

beach near the fisher’s cooperative

rondon – plato tipico

island johnny cay just off city beach – it was a bumpy ride on the small boat to get there but worth it

johnny cay – the best beach so far

johnny cay beach

isla san andr

cocoplum bay in the morning

hmm, this sign caught my attention at the port gas station. i believe we can use this slogan on the house boat trip in may, maybe just omitting the last line …

street scene at lunch time in a non touristic area

san andr